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05mayallday06M3 Athletics - Cinco De Mayo Tournament 2018


Event Details


Rules as outlined by the National High School Federation Rules, will be followed, with the following amendments and/or exceptions:

1) Length of Games: Length of games will be played under the following guidelines:

2nd Grade – 12th Grade 16 minute halves

All games will utilize a running clock with a stop clock for the last two minutes of each half. When the clock is stopped for free throws (either through a called time out or in the last minute) the clock will restart after the last free throw. If at any point the lead is 20 points or more, the clock will remain a running clock until the lead is cut to 12.

2) Overtime: Length of the overtime period will be two minutes. If the teams are still tied after the first overtime then a second overtime will be played which is also two minutes. A third overtime will be sudden death (first team to score). One timeout will be awarded for overtime, timeouts DO NOT carry over from regulation. The first minute of overtime will be a running clock with a stop clock in the last minute.

3) Pre-Game Warm-Up: Pre-game warm-up is four minutes (director has the right to shorten if needed) . Game time is forfeit time, teams should be stretched and ready to play at game time.

4) Roster: First game roster is the official roster. No changes to the official roster after the first game. Coaches must keep copies of report cards and birth certificates for verification.

5)  Time Outs: Two (2) 30-second time outs per half, time outs DO NOT CARRY OVER.

6)  Basketball Specifications: Basketball specifications for boys games are as follows:

Boys 2nd Grade – Boys 6th Grade 28.5
Boys 7th Grade – Boys 12th Grade Regulation size
All girls’ divisions – 28.5” (official women’s size)

7)  Bonus: Double bonus on the 10th team foul.

8)  Pool Play Tiebreaker Order: Tiebreakers in which two teams are tied, head-to-head competition between the teams will determine the winner. Tiebreakers in which more than two teams are tied, a point differential system will be applied. The point differential of the teams involved in the tie is totaled. Teams are then ranked according to the sum of the point differential with the highest number placing first, the second highest placing second, etc. Teams will receive a maximum of +15 points for a win and a maximum of -15 points for a loss (including forfeits). If two teams are still tied, the tie will revert back to head-to-head competition.

9) Clock operator/score keeper: Each team is responsible for providing a clock operator or score keeper for each game.

10)  Players on multiple teams: A player may play on multiple teams, but only on one team per division.

11)  Divisions: All divisions are grade based.

3rd grade – 9 years old

4th grade – 10 years old
5th grade – 11 years old
6th grade – 12 years old
7th grade – 13 years old
8th grade – 14 years old
JV (9th & 10th) – 15-16 years old

Varsity (11th & 12th) – 17-18 years old

12)  Age determination: No player can play in a division when the player is more than 1 year older than the age for that division. Age determination date is September 1. For example, a player who is 7th grade but will turn 15 on or before Sept 1, is not eligible to participate in the 7th grade division. Similarly, if a player is the correct age but ahead of their peers in grade, they are eligible to play in the division that corresponds to their age. For example, a 13 year old who is in the 8th grade can play in the 7th grade division.

13) Player protests: Player age protests must be accompanied by a $75.00 deposit. If protest is won, deposit will be returned and the player or players in question will be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament. All games that the illegal players played in will be losses for the team. If no documentation is found, the player or players in question will be removed and all games will be losses until documentation is provided. Once documentation is provided, all games will revert back to actual outcome.

14) Zero tolerance policy: No heckling, fighting, or threatening acts by or against players, parents, officials or coaches will be tolerated. M3 Athletics reserves the right to remove individuals from the tournament. Please act appropriately, kids are watching

15) All decisions of the tournament director are final! 


may 5 (Saturday) - 6 (Sunday)


George Gervin Gym

6919 Sunbelt Dr.